Siag Office 3.5.0 released

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 22:51:58 CET

Executive summary:

 - Bindings for the Ruby programming language
 - Guile, Python and Tcl bindings updated for the latest versions of those
 - Updated documentation
 - Uses (and requires) the Mowitz library
 - The XawM library is no longer bundled
 - The Gtk+ code has been removed. It was broken again and I have no
   interest in maintaining it.
 - Binary compatible with *any* Athena cousin, including Xaw, Xaw95,
   Xaw3d, XawM, neXtaw and XawXpm

Aside from the new or updated functionality, the biggest difference is in
the build process. Lots of code has been broken out into a separate
library, codenamed Mowitz, and the XawM library is no longer included.
This means that those libraries must be obtained and installed first,
before installing Siag Office. Mowitz is available at and XawM will be available at as
soon as I finish typing this.

Changes since 3.4.10:

020107 Siag, Egon, PW: Bindings for the Ruby programming language.
        Updated documentation with information about the Ruby
        interpreter, plus the Clipart plugin's ability to display
        LaTeX and DVI.
        Removed the fsel_input function, since it is only a
        wrapper arounf MwFileselInput.
        Use kde2 as default theme.

020105 Fixed compiler warning in siag/db.c (2nd arg to connect).

011230 Updated libstocks information in INSTALL.

011229 Use the file selector in Mowitz. Removed filesel.c. Added a
        little wrapper function to xcommon.c.
        Gsiag is apparently broken again. Removed it.
        Updated Guile support to version 1.5.
        Updated Python support to version 2.2.

011227 Added support for alternative directories in PIXPATH. Removed
        the old default directory.

011226 Removed xcommon/icon.c (replaced with MwSetIcon from Mowitz).
        Removed xcommon/tooltip.c (replaced with MwHighlightInit).
        Moved OffiX DND code to Mowitz.
        Moved Ruler widget to Mowitz (new name MwTabstop).

011225 Moved more dialogs and stuff to Mowitz.

011221 Added autoconf test for Xpm.

011220 Updated automake and autoconf.

011218 Use the Mowitz.h header.

011217 Moved Check, Tabs and Notebook widget to Mowitz.

011216 Fixed all the Combos to use the new callbacks.
        Fixed all Handles to use the new callbacks.

011215 Moved the Nws menu code to Mowitz.

011213 Broke out lots of widgets and stuff from xcommon.
        Siag, Pw, Egon: removed the unnecessary frames around the
        combo widgets (the combos have their own frames now).

011211 XawM was unbundled.
        Handle is now subclassed from Frame rather than Label, so Siag can
        be built with any Xaw compatible library.
        Configuration option --with-xawm=XXX slightly changed: XXX should
        now be the name of the library without -l or lib, e.g.
        --with-xawm=neXtaw or --with-xawm=XawM (still default).
        Image, diary and xlinks were removed again.
        Test built with Xaw, XawM, Xaw3d, neXtaw, Xaw95 and XawXpm.

011203 Siag: save *current* sheet in fileio_latex.c, not sheet 0.

011014 New program xsiod creates widget bindings for SIOD.

011012 Command.c: DEFAULT_HIGHLIGHT_THICKNESS changed to 0 (2) and
        shadowWidth to 1 (2).

011011 All new applications were fixed up so they work with autoconf.

011010 The BadValue error in ThreeD.c was finally tracked down and fixed.
        Xpaint was added under the name image and xdiary under the name
        Links and xlinks were also added.
        Gvu was replaced with gv (under the name gvu).

010923 Stderr is no longer redirected, it causes more trouble than it's

010920 Cmalloc and friends are used more consistently.



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