3.5.1 released

From: Ulric Eriksson (ulric@siag.nu)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 11:12:57 CET

Highlights of this release:

 - Requires Mowitz 0.2.0 (or higher, but there is nothing higher yet)
 - All font and colour management moved to Mowitz, including the
   infamous rgb.txt and fonts.txt.
 - Easier references between sheet: "Sheetname"!"A5"
 - PW loads files from Word Perfect 5.1 using wp2x, if it is installed
 - Underlined text in Siag
 - In addition to the list of predefined list of colours, it is now
   possible to define colors using #RRGGBB syntax.
 - Siag will load much more cell formatting from Excel files
 - Egon will scale text from Powerpoint to fit in the window
 - Egon will not trigger layout bug in Box widget

Change log below.



Change log since 3.5.0:

020308 Siag: More convenient references between sheets using the syntax sheet!cell, e.g. "Sheet 1"!"A5". Released 3.5.1.

020201 PW: Load Word Perfect 5.1 files using wp2x. PW: Set background colour (still won't display right due to limitations in Mowitz). Siag: Underlined text.

020128 Siag: Load much more formatting from Excel, including colours. Siag, Egon, PW: Arbitrary colours using #rrggbb notation.

020123 Egon: set the stage size in draw_buffer. Scale ppt text to fit window. Split lines longer than 60 chars. Snarfed from xlhtml: libcole, xlhtml, ppthtml.

020122 Siag: use xlhtml rather than xlHtml. Egon: use ppthtml rather than pptHtml. (the names of the programs were changed upstream)

020120 Moved Animator, Richtext and Table to Mowitz.

020119 Patched tsiag so it compiles.

020115 Removed extra line in IsoLatin[12].enc and added check to load_encoding.

020114 Moved all the format handling code into Mowitz. Temporarily removed tsiag.

020112 Moved Tabbing widget to Mowitz. Siag, Egon, PW: when new buffer is loaded, set w_list->sht = 0;

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