Although some commands are available on the menu, it is faster in the long run to use the keyboard to control Pathetic Writer. Here are the standard keybindings.

Home or Ctrl-A
Move to column 1 on the current line.
End or Ctrl-E
Move to the last used position on the current line.
Moves the mark to the current position.
Left arrow or Ctrl-B
Move one position to the left.
Right arrow or Ctrl-F
Move one position to the right.
Uparrow or Ctrl-P
Move one position up.
Downarrow or Ctrl-N
Move one position down.
Delete or Ctrl-D
Delete the contents of the current position.
Ask for two numbers and jumps to those coordinates.
o or Ctrl-X Ctrl-F
Asks for a file name and opens the file with that name as a Pathetic Writer document.
s or Ctrl-X Ctrl-S
Saves the currently open document using the most recently used filename. If no name has been given to the document, the name "noname" is used.
W or Ctrl-X Ctrl-W
Asks for a filename and saves the currently open document using that filename.
q or Ctrl-X Ctrl-C
Quits from Pathetic Writer. If there are any changes that have not been saved, Pathetic Writer asks if they should be saved.
Copies the contents of the block to the current position.
Ctrl-X Ctrl-X
Swaps point and mark.
Alt-X or (
Asks for the name of a command to execute. This is useful for commands that do not have keybindings or that take arguments.
< or Alt-<
Move to the beginning of the buffer.
> or Alt->
Move to the end of the buffer.
PgUp or Alt-V
Move the document up one windowful.
PgDown or Ctrl-V
Move the document down one windowful.
Move the document left one windowful.
Move the document right one windowful.
Move point to line one.
Move point to the last used line.
? or Ctrl-?
Prints information about the contents of the current position.
Sets the block to the area between mark and the current position.
Ctrl-X k
Kill the current buffer.
Ctrl-X b
Change to another buffer.
Ctrl-X 2
Split the current window vertically.
Ctrl-X 1
Delete all windows except the current one.
Ctrl-X 0
Delete the current window.
F1 or Ctrl-H c
Display the online help for Pathetic Writer. F1 is marginally context-sensitive.

Ulric Eriksson - February 1997 -