The Mouse

The mouse is used to set point, mark and the block. Moving the mouse in the grid with button 1 pressed defines the selection.

Mice with fewer than 3 buttons can be used by changing the app-defaults.

This behaviour is consistent with most other X applications.

The selection can be cleared directly by calling the function (unset-block) (Block - Unset Block on the menu) or indirectly by selecting something else in another part of the grid, in another instance of Siag or in another X application.


Autofilling works by placing the pointer over a grid line crossing, pressing down, dragging to the lower right corner of the area you want to fill and releasing. The neat thing about this is that you can automatically get series of values by following this example:
  1. Enter 2 into cell A1
  2. Enter 5 into cell B1
  3. Position the pointer over the lower right corner of A1, so that the pointer changes shape
  4. Click down and hold
  5. Move the pointer to F1
  6. Release
The area is filled with 8 in C1, 11 in D1, 14 in E1 and 17 in F1.
Ulric Eriksson - June 1999 -