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regarding your web site

World Wide Network Marketing, 5098 Foothills 
Blvd., #3136, Roseville, CA  95747 916-771-4739

            We'll Submit Your Site To 

                    Over 800

     Search Engines, Directories, & Indexes

                 For Only $39.95

     ***  100% Money Back Guarantee  ***

*** Immediately Increase Your Sites Exposure ***

 For Less Than 5 Cents Each We Will Submit Your
 Web Site To Over 800 Of The Net's Hottest Search 
 Engines, Directories & Indexes.

 If your site isn't listed in the Search Engines,
 how can people find you to buy your products 
 or services?

 * Over 90% of Internet Users Utilize Search 
   Engines To Find Products & Services. 

   If You're Not In Them, They Can't Find You.

 * Immediately Increase Your Sites Exposure

 * Your Competition Is Getting Noticed - 
   Are You?  Get Noticed By Your Prospects.

 For just $39.95 you'll get the exposure you need.
 For just $39.95 we'll take the work load off your
 back instead of you trying to do it manually which
 can take hours upon hours and even days to do.

 We're the professionals that are here to help
 you have a shot at having a successful marketing
 experience with the internet.

Your web site will be available to be see by millions
and millions of prospects. 

It's true what the old saying says  - "no one 
ever sees a candle that's hidden under a basket."  
It's the same for your web site.  

*  Is your web site hidden under a basket?

*  Can prospects easily find your web site?

From one business person to another, let me
ask this question - If prospects can't find your 
web site, then how do you expect to make any
money from it ???  You Can't....

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to immediately
get the kind of exposure your web site needs to 
be successful.

Who uses our service?

Universities, Colleges, Medical Facilities,
Government Facilities, Trade Bureaus, Chambers
Of Commerce, Travel Agents/Agencies, An Enormous
Variety Of On-line Shops Selling Everything Kind
Of Product, Service, Or Information You Can Imagine,
Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Vacation Spots.
The List Goes On And On...

A good question you might be asking yourself is
"Why should I pay these guys even 5 cents to
do this? Can't I do it myself?"

The answer is - sure you can but let me
ask you this - 

Isn't your time worth more than 5 cents???

It sure had better be !!!

You know as well as I that your time is
best utilized managing your business and not
sitting at some keyboard hours upon hours
trying to save less than 5 cents for each  
submission. See how it's kind of crazy to try
to tackle this on your own.  It's just not 
cost effective to try to do this yourself.

Not to mention that you will be totally nuts 
within 2 days of attempting to do this and 
you'll be pulling your hair out and wanting
to throw your keyboard across the room :-)

Another good question you might be asking is
"OK, this almost sounds too good to be true.
I've seen other companies that charge several
hundred dollars for this type of service and
you're telling me that you can do it for only
$39.95?" What's the catch ???

There isn't one...

We have invested thousands and thousands of 
dollars into state-of-the-art equipment and custom
software which makes this all manageable.  As a 
matter of fact, we are so fully automated that we 
can handle several thousand submissions per day.



We are so sure of our services that we provide 
you with a 100% No Questions Asked money back 
guarantee for 30 days from the date of the 
placement of your order.  

To prevent abuse of our guarantee, if a refund
is made, we will reverse all submission work 
done by us. That's only fair...


OK Great... You say "I'm Interested so let's do 
it. Tell me how to order your services."    

First, let me thank you for your business.  It
is greatly appreciated.  We'll give you excellent
service.  Second, here's how easy it is to order.

1) Call us toll free at (800) 771-2003 and we can
   provide all the necessary information right
   over the phone or,

2) call us toll free at (800) 771-2003 in the
   US or 916-771-4739 outside of the US and we'll fax
   a full page order form to you so you can complete
   it and fax or mail it back to us.  Call 9am-5pm 
   Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.


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World Wide Network Marketing
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3136
Roseville, CA  95747

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