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Re: Siag Office acting funky--especially the blocks

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, James Ramsey wrote:

> I just installed Siag 3.0.4 on my machine.  It seemed to compile fine,
> but I think (hope?) that something got scrambled in the installation.
> The block functions don't seem to work quite right. Copy Block either
> only copies to the right of the block or doesn't copy at all.  Fill
> Block and Smart Fill Block don't seem to do anything either except
> fill the last cell in the block; everything else in the block is blank.

Here is something I cut from

Try this for an example of how block fill works.

1. Enter the label "qwe" in cell r2c2
2. Enter the label "asd" in cell r3c2
3. Set the block on r2c2..r7c5
4. Move point to r2c3
5. Select Block - Fill Block
6. Move point to r4c2
7. Select Block - Fill Block
8. Enter the expression 123 in r2c2
9. Move point to r3c3
10 Select Block - Fill Block

This illustrates that you can fill horizontally, vertically and even

> Something seems to be wrong with Egon, too.  When I invoke it, I get
> an entirely blank window. Weird.

Egon starts with an empty animation, which is indeed weird from a UI point
of view. Click the right mouse button to get a menu. The topmost entry,
"Show editor", pops up the editing interface.