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KSiag compile fix

Some people were having problems on #kde
compiling my app. I accidently used a Qt1.41 function
(QMouseEvent::globalPos()) and had a header that caused regular gcc but neither
egcs or pgcc to have an internal compiler error.

The point is this left most people unable to compile. I felt that this required
an immediate fix. Thus, not 24hrs after the first release, here is the first
bugfix release! Hey - at least I pay attention to my users.  I should be
sleeping right now ;-)

The only visible change (other than it compiles!) is that I now install
examples in $KDEDIR/share/ksiag/examples. Someone jokingly said that they
thought that my screenshot was fabricated, so now you can generate the same
stuff I did for the screenshots.

You can get more info and download from:

The fixed release is also uploaded to upload.kde.org and should eventually go