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Re: Feedback on Cut, Copy, and Paste in Siag

J. J. writes:
   IMHO, it would be smoother though simply to have the filling done
   directly by the pasting operation.

There are two philosophies for dealing with stuff like this.  One is
to provide a means to do whatever desired in one step which has the
drawback of leading to a huge number of commands and hence users end
up learning a limited subset that works for them.  The other is to
provide a robust set of limited simple functions which can be combined
to do everything which has the drawback of requiring more steps and
users might not be able to figure out the needed sequence of commands
to do something.

The programmer almost always prefers the second since it keeps the
code simple, easy to modify and improve.  Marketing generally prefers
zillions of commands since then they can demo doing anything in one

Probably, the best compromise is the ability for user to define commands
which are a combination of commands.  So then each user can define the
a set of specialized commands which works for them without forcing
programmer to maintain a huge command set.