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Does Direct E-mail Work?????

To Be Permanently Removed Visit http://www.4hitz.com/remove.htm

The answer is yes...

Tired of being shut down by your regular ISP?
Once again the answer is yes...

Well finally there is a solution 
We offer all the services a professional
Internet marketer will need to build a successful
Internet marketing campaign 

i.e.: Membership to an exclusive e-mail address database
   containing addresses targeted by all 50 states numerous
   lines of business, and we also offer custom list building service 

There is no special software to buy or technical expertise required
just some time and the will to create a successful 
marketing campaign.

Pricing for our services are as follows

1.monthly access to our ever expanding e-mail 
  address database $150 per month

2.Targeted Direct E-mail account gives your business the opportunity 
  to send up to 10,000 email messages per business day, through our custom designed 
  Web based direct email application... $150 per month

  When you establish an account like this here is what happens
  we give you the location on the web that you will send your 
  marketing messages from you simply upload your email addresses 
  or select the list of your choice submit your message...Its that 
  simple.....Last but not least we provide those folks on our lists 
  that don't want to be on our lists fail safe way to remove 
  themselves from not only our lists but yours as well

  Over 2.5 million removed to date

So if this sounds like just what you have been looking for feel free
to contact us at 813.855.9115