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Non-member submission from [Hubert Feyrer<feyrer@rfhs8012.fh-regensburg.de>]

[I didn't write this, I'm just forwarding it to the list.       /Ulric]



I've got siag (3.1.0) to run on NetBSD (-current), see the attached
patches. Some random notes:

 - a i386 binary pkg (suitable for 1.3I and above, installation via
   pkg_add) can be found at
   Please copy this to your local site as I'll have to remove it somewhen
 - The UI of siag etc. could use some standard GUI lib, so menues etc. get
   a bit nicer. 
 - Also, when using the "select on item from a list", one HAS to select an
   item to continue working, even if one just wants to have a look at
   what's available. 

'nuff Bitching. Keep up the good work!

 - Hubert

P.S.: Please send your replies to me, as i'm not on the siag list. Thanks!

Hubert Feyrer <hubert.feyrer@rz.uni-regensburg.de>