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Re: Non-member submission from [Martin Weinberg<weinberg@osprey.phast.umass.edu>] (fwd)

>>>>> Ulric Eriksson writes:

 > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
 > To: siag@edu.stockholm.se Cc: weinberg@osprey.phast.umass.edu
 > Subject: Trouble running siag: can not enter data

 > I am running Debian 2.0 and compiled both 3.1.0 and 3.1.1.  I also
 > tried downloading the compiled version 3.0.6 from the ftp site.

 > In all cases, I am having trouble entering data into the
 > spreadsheet. Once I begin entering data I can not leave the cell:
 > no updown arrows, cntrl commands, menus etc.  I can continue to
 > edit within the cell.  I have to stop and kill the application.

You didn't mention trying the Return or Enter keys.

                                 John Jones