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Siag 3.1.3

No new features except in the autoconf stuff.

The configure script accepts the options --without-tcl and --without-guile
to suppress linking with Tcl and/or Guile even if they are available.

Why would anybody want to do that?

 - as a workaround if the installed library is causing trouble
 - to reduce startup time
 - to trim memory requirements

Binaries for Linux (Intel, Sparc, Ppc) and Solaris (Sparc) are available
from ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag/binaries/. The Intel binary is
linked statically to overcome some of the library mixup on that platform.
Still it's pretty slim: RSS is 1.6M.

Also, an updated version of the web browser Chimera is available in
ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag/siag-chimera.tar.gz. It has been
hacked up to look like Siag, toolbar buttons with coloured icons and all.
The purpose of that is to get an HTML browser that is good enough to read
the online documentation but starts up faster than Netscape and uses less 
memory. This version is based on Chimera 1.70 which is actually fairly