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Re: siag compilation help, plaes.

Happy New Year! Here, at least.

I figured it out. The distributed Siag archive has a toplevel directory
called siag-3.1.3, while the toplevel directory for Chimera is called
siag. It didn't occur to me before because I'm using Siag from CVS, which
has a toplevel directory called siag.

Now, this suggestion *really*, really should work:

tar zxfvp siag-3.1.3.tar.gz
ln -s siag-3.1.3 siag
tar zxfvp siag-chimera.tar.gz
cd siag

And then continue as before. The symlink will cause both archives to be
untarred into the same directory.

I'm CC:ing the list because this will affect anybody who tries to install
my version of Chimera.