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Re: PW - Wordprocessor

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, andreas rickert wrote:

> I got the SIAG-Office Version 3.0.5 and I want to know, if it is
> possible, to change the size of a plugin. If I try to get a spreadsheet
> of SIAG into a document of PW, it has always the same size. Now, I want
> to decrease the Y-Size, so that only the rows that are used, are
> visible. Is this possible ???

It's on the agenda. I would have done it tonight, but the mouse decided
not to work.

For version 3.0.5 up to and including the recently released 3.1.5, the
only way to change the plugin size is to change the way it is invoked,
i.e. by hacking plugins.scm. Not worth the trouble, probably. A better
solution is on the way, so that it can be resized using the mouse.