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Re: Long live tsiag!

On Mon, Feb 15, 1999 at 10:58:19PM -0600, dan wrote:
 > I'd like to know how much interest in tsiag there is out there.  If this is
 > something you find useful, please let me know.

 I didn't use tsiag before, because I need the last siag;
 but if it will permit to use siag on a terminal console,
 I think it is very useful

 sometimes I need to use siag on a lower connection, and
 I think tsiag could be the solution (I don't want to
 do a remote display); also, I don't like X ... :-)

 thank you for your work!

Davide Barbieri 
paci@prosa.it   - http://www.prosa.it/   - commercial opensource support
paci@debian.org - http://www.debian.org/ - opensource linux distribution