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Re: Changing styles in blocks (pw)

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Henk wrote:

> I think pw is a great program. Easy to use, simple and it's got
> everything you need and no useless overhead (like some wp's I could
> name...)
> There's one thing I can't do and that's change the style of an entire
> block. I can only change fonts, linewidths, or appearance of a line not
> of a block in pw (version 3.1.6) My block menu only reads the following
> options: Set block; Set mark; Copy block; Delete block; Fill block.
> Is it possible in pw to change the style of an entire block?

The commands that handle format changes of blocks are broken in PW. You
should be able to select a stretch of text and apply changes to the
selection, but it doesn't always work properly.

The only thing that comes close is Format - Cleanup which resets
everything in one style to the default attributes for that style.