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Siag Office 3.1.8 released

See release blurb below for the full story. The main event is of course
the Type 1 font support. To make that work properly including printing,
two additional packages are needed that are not part of Siag. The two
packages, t1lib and t1utils, can be found in

BTW, the web page has a new URL. Everything is mirrored in the old place,
so it's no big deal.



Siag Office 3.1.8 is the latest version of the free office package
which consists of the spreadsheet Siag, the word processor PW
and the animation program Egon.

Siag is easy to use, yet infinitely flexible through multiple
embedded interpreters and a plugin mechanism that allows other
programs to run inside the main document. The supported interpreters
are SIOD, Guile, Tcl and Python.

Changes from version 3.1.7 include:

 - T1lib can be used to add fully scalable Type 1 fonts with kerning,
   ligatures, antialiasing and other features not usually found in
   X applications.  Existing fonts can be leveraged and new ones
   easily installed without modifying X or installing "font servers".

 - Patch from Stephen Eglen <stephen@anc.ed.ac.uk>: when a file
   is saved, show its name in the status bar.

 - One-line fix in buffer.c to avoid accessing previously freed
   pointer. Thanks to S. Lockwood <sjl@chaucer.ece.ucsb.edu>

 - TextField widget incorrectly discarded Tab characters, which
   made it impossible to load tab separated files. Discovered by
   Stephen Eglen <stephen@cogsci.ed.ac.uk>

Read more about Siag Office at


Sources and binaries can be downloaded from