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Re: 3.1.11 compile error

On Wed, Apr 14, 1999 at 11:23:50AM +0200, Nerijus wrote:
> RedHat pre6, Intel, kernel 2.2.5, glibc 2.1.

I have been experiencing the problem too, with a glibc2.1 system. I had
mailed Ulric about it at one point, but then dropped it, assuming that my
libc installation must have been incorrect.

The fix for this is to use /usr/include/gdbm-ndbm.h, and not the ndbm.h that
is in the db1 dir. It worked for me, and we may have to fix the code to
check for glibc2.1. This fixes the pagfno problems, too.

However, I haven't found any info on why this changed, and why glibc2.1
doesn't have a standard ndbm.h file. If anyone knows of where this is
documented, please let me know.

Dan Gohman