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3.1.12 is imminent

This release has a number of new features for Pathetic Writer, which have
been missing for far too long. Examples include headers and footers, and
selectable paper size and margins so that everyone printing on
letter-sized paper will actually see the headers!

Standard blurb below.


Siag Office 3.1.12 is the latest version of the free office package
which consists of the spreadsheet Siag, the word processor PW
and the animation program Egon.

Still looking for translators! Croatian, Danish, English, French,
German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish are currently supported.
Anything else is up for grabs.

Changes from version 3.1.11 include:

 - Danish message file by Birger Langkjer <birger.langkjer@image.dk>

 - Select paper type, size and orientation

 - Headers and footers

 - Adjustable margins: top, bottom, left, right, header, footer

 - Set first page number

 - Adjustable tab distance

 - New file manager with drag and drop and command line with history

 - Image plugin can run as standalone application

 - Drag and drop functionality in xedplus

Read more about Siag Office at


Sources and binaries can be downloaded from


Ulric Eriksson <ulric@siag.nu>