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3.1.12 and some questions.

I have downloaded 3.1.12. Very good work!
I like Pathetic Writer very much.
Now, I have some questions:
1) How to translate interface into the other language (Russian for
Example) ?
2) I am russian and I use PW for editing some russians documents. We use
koi8-r codepage. All works good, except then I use styles (for Example
heading). For paragraphs, which use some styles PW uses non koi8-r
codepage in the printing. Where can I change styles settings for using
my codepage, or where can I set codepage for all document.
3) Then I use spell-checker, I should run "ispell -russian" for russian
documents checking. Where can I change command, which used for
4) As I understand xfiler based on xfm? If it right, can you return
application window, and is xfiler configuration compatible with xfm
configuration? I use xfm 1.4.2 as my primary file manager and I think
about switching into the xfiler, but I will very glad to simple copy all
my configurations from ~/.xfm
5) I see code and found, what you use catdoc for reading WinWord
documents. May be it will better to use mswordview for converting doc
file into the temporary html file and then, convert this html file into
the pw file. MSWordView converts doc very well, PW reads html very well
too, so the converting from doc to pw through mswordview should works

Once more thank you very much for your work!

Best regards.
Alexey Kakunin.