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Siag Office 3.1.17

Pathetic or not, here is 3.1.17 with another bunch of updates, features
and bugfixes. It's been 3 weeks since the last release, so the list is
pretty long this time.

Of special interest is probably that converters for arbitrary file formats
can be added to PW without any changes to the core code. All it takes is a
program which can convert to any other format PW understands, and bingo,
we have a winner.

Major changes from 3.1.16:

 - PW: Go to line (Window - Go To - Line)

 - PW: Insert special characters (Edit - Special Char)

 - PW: Way improved interface to external converters: register-converter
   (see fileio.c) allows PW to convert files it can't handle directly
   into another format which it can handle. register-converter is
   called by the wrapper function register-converters, or manually
   after PW has started. The default register-converters in pw.scm
   adds catdoc and mswordview as converters for different versions
   of MS Word, but that's just a sample of what can be done.

 - Siag: Lotus 123 reader makes A1 references if that is the user's default

 - Siag: New function @LOG10 is defined as log10 to avoid being interpreted
   as A1 reference

 - Siag: Adjust column width automatically by double-clicking on
   column header

 - Siag: Adjust row height automatically by double-clicking on row header

 - Siag: Resize cells using the mouse inside the grid

 - Siag: Autofill by clicking and dragging in grid

 - All: Updated and bugfixed Croatian, Danish, French and Swedish
   message files

 - All: Tool for translators to look for new keys


 - PW: Buffer overrun in HTML reader

 - Siag: Keypad bindings

 - Siag: Memory leak in fit_block_width

Ulric Eriksson <ulric@siag.nu>