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I'm giving up on ndbm, there are just too many implementations, all broken
in different ways. From 3.1.18 on, ndbm will be left out unless the
--with-ndbm option is given to configure. Nothing in Siag requires ndbm.

Guile and Tcl have also been made opt-in, so they will also be left out
unless configure is run with the options --with-guile --with-tcl.

Finally, xls2csv has been unbundled. The original tarball can be obtained
from ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag/support/.

Release blurb:

Major changes from 3.1.17:

 - All: Added opt-in autoconf test for ndbm.h, so users with broken Linux
   distributions (recent Debian and Red Hat, at least) can build
   without hassle. This means that a serious error in the system
   is masked; I'm not convinced that it's the best thing to do,
   but it's not my fault and hopefully the products will be fixed

 - All: Made Guile and Tcl opt-in as well, to be consistent with
   Python and ndbm.

 - Siag: Implemented the same interface to external converters as in
   PW. The default register-converters in siag.scm probes for
   xls2csv, which is no longer included with Siag but distributed
   separately. Of course, this means that fileio_txt.c no longer
   includes XLS support.

 - Xfiler, xedplus, gvu: Implemented translation of messages. Added
   messages for these programs to Swedish dictionary.

 - PW, Siag: Let register-converters probe for available converters, so
   that they don't appear in the list of handled formats unless the
   format is actually supported.

 - PW, Siag: Updated file format documentation in fileformats.html.