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Re: xfiler

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Dana Booth wrote:

> I just built the latest, version *.19, and now I get a segfault when I
> try to run xfiler. Never been a problem up until now, and all the other
> apps work a-ok.

How about this piece of beauty:

        if (w != None && (((r = label_get(w)) == NULL) || strcmp(q, r)))

The complexity of that test makes it almost guaranteed to not work
correctly. Spank me with a wet noodle.

The bug is now fixed in CVS, and I suspect there will be a 3.1.20 shortly.

> BTW, what's the menu keystroke for tsiag? By that, I mean something like
> the "/" key in Lotus123.

That is something I don't know. Is there a menu at all in tsiag? Dan?