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Further compile issues

Ok, one more issue, and this one is easy. 

The Makefile autogeneration from autoconf is missing a key element, handling
of the --prefix argument. There may be more issues than this, but this is an

I've got sort of a wierd environment. I sit at this Ultra 1, don't have any
admin priviledges, and can't get software installed on it. I regularly use the
--prefix option of configure to tell autoconf packages to go somewhere

The includedir for all siag packages is not being passed along from the
autoconf stuff to the cc command line.

This diff will fix it. It should probably be fixed in a Makefile.am file? but
I wasn't able to find one? This probably belongs on the 
INCLUDES = -DNARROWPROTO $(DEBUG) $(X_CFLAGS) line of the Makefile.am files,
but since includes are done here in the Makefile.in file:

DEFS = @DEFS@ -I. -I$(srcdir) -I..

I keep them there. Here is a patch for gvu, but it should be applied to all
packages. I needed to do all of xegon xpw xfiler xed plugins xsiag xcommon gvu
to get my compile to work.

Thanks for the cool stuff.

Here is the patch:

*** gvu/Makefile.in     Tue Jul  6 14:00:14 1999
--- fixed/gvu/Makefile.in       Tue Jul  6 13:58:25 1999
*** 111,117 ****
! DEFS = @DEFS@ -I. -I$(srcdir) -I..
--- 111,117 ----
! DEFS = @DEFS@ -I. -I$(srcdir) -I.. -I$(includedir)