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Re: if Guile and Tcl are optional. why include them?

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Mitchell Maltenfort wrote:

> I was looking at the web page and was confused by the line "Guile and Tcl
> have also been made opt-in, so they will also be left out unless configure
> is run with the options --with-guile --with-tcl. "
> I thought Guile was a necessity for compiling Siag.
> So what are the advantages of including them?  What new or improved
> functionality would I see?

Another Scheme interpreter. Guile conforms better to the language spec but
is bigger and slower, or so it seems.

The same goes for Python and Tcl. The main reason for including more
interpreter libraries is the ability to run applications written in those
languages. Python, for example, comes with a pretty impressive collection
of modules.