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3.1.21 problems on MkLinux

I'm currently having problems installing the SiagOffice suite.

I am running MkLinux DR3 on a PowerMac 6100/60. I believe it's a Mach 3
microkernel with Linux 2.0.?? running fvwm2 as the window manager. I tried
downloading the precompiled binaries, but upon running them received the
following error message:

Error: Unresolved inheritance operation

A short flash of a new window does appear on the screen.

So, I tried downloading the source and compiling it since the README said
that the precompiled binaries were done under MkLinux DR2.16 or something
like that. However, after compiling, I am still getting the same error
message. Any advice? Alternatively, is there an earlier release still
available that is known to run?

Dennis Lee