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Re: Siag cannot import files with spaces

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Nerijus wrote:

> Just downloaded new siag 3.2.0 and noticed that it
> cannot import files with spaces in filenames or dirnames.
> It can open .siag files, but cannot import .xls or .doc.
> If I want to open doc file from /mnt/c/My Documents,
> it tries to open /mnt/c/My.

Are you sure it's not the shell playing tricks on you? Siag like most Unix
programs doesn't treat spaces specially as part of filenames. I can do

libretto:~$ mkdir "dir with spaces"
libretto:~$ siag		# create file in new directory
libretto:~$ ls "dir with spaces"
more spaces.siag
libretto:~$ siag "dir with spaces/more spaces.siag"

The quotes are necessary.