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File Formats

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Egon Animator has support for the following file formats:
Egon Animator
The native Egon Animator format is simply a Scheme script which can be loaded to recreate the animation. As such, it is eminently human-readable and editable.
C source
The animation can also be saved as C source code. Only the data structures are saved, the code to display the animation resides in the files animator.h and animator.c. This makes it pretty easy to add animation capabilities to any X program. Egon Animator cannot load animations stored as C source.
Animated GIF
The animation can be saved as a multi-image GIF file, which when displayed in a WWW browser like Netscape performs the animation without using Egon Animator. Egon cannot load animated GIF files. Saving animated GIFs requires the netpbm package and the gifmerge program, neither of which is part of Siag Office but must be installed separately.
Egon Animator can save Postscript images of the animation scene. Normally, this code goes straight to the printer or to Ghostview for previewing, but it can also be saved in a file.
Plaintext files can be read and written.
Hypertext Markup Language can be read and written.
Magic Point
Presentations created for the Magic Point program can be read.
MS Powerpoint
Presentations created for MS Powerpoint can be read if the pptHtml program is available. pptHtml is part of xlHtml by Steve Grubb,

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