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Siag has support for several file formats:
Native Siag format, with support for Scheme and C-style expressions as well as formatting attributes (fonts, widths and so on). Very nice for Siag documents, but totally incompatible with anything else.
Comma Separated Values
Almost every spreadsheet can load and save this format, but all expressions are lost. Despite its name, any character can be used as field separator.
Plain Text
Every line is loaded as a label and placed in column 1 of successive rows.
Lotus 1-2-3
Siag imports documents in Lotus Worksheet format and can save values in the same format.
Siag can output pretty decent Postscript code, with DSC comments and all to make the resulting files post-processable. Normally, this code goes straight to the printer or to Ghostview for previewing, but it can also be saved in a file. Siag cannot load Postscript files.
HTML Tables
Hypertext Markup Language as featured on the World Wide Web. A spreadsheet maps nicely to the HTML table format, and Siag can save and load (well-behaved) documents in this format.
Scheme Code
Files containing Scheme code can be loaded and evaluated.
Troff Tables
Tables which can be processed by tbl to produce input to the troff document formatting system.
LaTeX Tables
Tables which can be included in documents using the LaTeX typesetting package.
Additional formats can be supported by using external converters, such as xls2cvs for Microsoft Excel.

Ulric Eriksson 2000-12-07