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Egon Animator is an X-based animation development tool for Unix. The idea is that "objects" (rectangles, lines, pixmaps and so on) are added to a "stage" where they are then made to perform by telling them where they should be and when.


The animations can be written directly in Scheme or using the GUI interface, similar to that used in Siag and Pathetic Writer. Because of the relationship with Siag, Egon supports several extension languages and file formats. The finished animations can be linked into a stand-alone program or other applications.

News in 3.0

  • Completely new structured file format, similar to the one used by Siag and PW. No longer are the animations saved in Scheme.
  • Reversed the user interface, so that the editor is only popped up on request.
  • Can display most image formats, not just XPM.

Ulric Eriksson 2000-03-20