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Siag is a spreadsheet based on X and Scheme. I originally wrote it out of frustration with the fact that almost no free, good looking applications were available for Linux. It is based on my old program Calc, which I started writing in the late -80's.

The program has existed in several incarnations: text-based curses for SunOS, text-based hardcoded vt52 for Atari TOS, GEM-based for Atari, Turbo C for DOS, Xlib-based for Linux and now Xt-based for Linux (or Unix, really).

Sources for Siag are available here.

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Features you don't usually find in a spreadsheet

A few screenshots

The online documentation

Recent Features

  • Support for the Mysql database. Screenshot
  • Support for the Lago database.
  • Download stock qoutes from Yahoo. Screenshot
  • $A$1 style references, which are not updated when cells are moved.
  • Examples for all functions.
  • Hundreds of functions, many Excel compatible, all documented in the function reference.
  • Arbitrary precision integer functions.
  • Arbitrary precision floating-point functions.
  • Rudimentary loading of ABS files.
  • New operators ** (power) and \ (quotient).
  • Complex numbers; example in complex.siag.
  • Matrix functions; example in matrix.siag.
  • New or updated documentation, automatically generated from the source.
  • "C" interpreter translates expressions to Scheme rather than evaluating the expression itself.

Ulric Eriksson 2000-12-07