Re: load imbalance

From: Christopher Godaire (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 20:48:09 CET

> What command line options are you using? There is no reason why there
> should be any huge imbalance. The default settings are such that pen tries
> to use the same server for the same client every time, to allow state to
> be preserved in the server. This can lead to some short term imbalance,
> but that is mainly on lightly loaded sites. A site such as which
> has connections coming in from a variety of addresses will typically get a
> pretty even load, on average.

Command line was

    pen 80 localhost:8000 w3-2

which seems pretty basic to me. Initially the load seemed very even, and
only over time did it start to shift everything over to the other server.
Even now, a day later, all traffic is still on server B (I've intentionally
let it continue to see whether or not it would correct itself).

> If you send a USR1 signal to the pen process, it should spit out
> statistics somewhere, depending on how it was started (syslog, stdout or
> web page).

I've tried a few ways to get these stats, but I must be missing something. I
would assume "-w ./" should make it generate the html stats page in the
current dir (pen is running as root, started from my home dir), but I've yet
to see it happen. Nothing on stdout or syslog (to the best of my knowledge)

The docs are pretty vague about all of this.. Any chance for an example?

- Chris

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