Pen 0.6.1 released - do *not* use 0.6.0

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 14:47:46 CET

For some unexplainable reason, the load balancing code in 0.6.0 contains
a bug that had been fixed since the 0.5.0 release. It turns out that one
of the source files was a pre-0.5.0 version, where the bug hadn't been
fixed yet.

Don't know how that happened, but now it is fixed again. Permanently, or

Other changes:

 - Mike Dugas <> helped with some FreeBSD portability, so it
   should now compile on that platform out of the box. It did when I

 - The HOWTO now contains some hints on how to load balance LDAP servers.


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