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VRRP itself is a router redundancy protocol (the name itself meaning Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), and it's definition can be found at

There are several different implementations of this protocol for UNIX based systems. I can't speak for the Linux implementations, but the most commonly used one for FreeBSD systems is 'vrrpd'. A quick Google search for vrrpd should net you the homepage for the project.

vrrpd is very quick and easy to set up. I think you'll find it suitable for your applications. It can provide failover for 2 to 64 computers (not quite sure about that upper limit, but I know that it can provide failover for only two machines).

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> Subject: single point of failure: what is vrrp
> Hi,
> I am evaluating pen to use it in a project where
> we have 2 apache servers on red hat 7.1 and
> i want to have a system that do:
> -load balance, fault tolerance,
> session persistence (http session).
> i have some cuestions about pen:
> - support it session persistence (i
> suppose yes...)
> - IMPORTANT: fault tolerance: in the doc you say:
> "The final single point of failure, pen itself, can be eliminated by
> running pen on several servers, using vrrp to decide which is
> active. "
> what is vrrp?, can i achieve this with
> only 2 servers.
> thanks in advance.
> david
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