Re: mergelogs command line help

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 09:48:56 CEST

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Brantley Hobbs wrote:

> I'm a little confused as to how the command line arguments are used
> with the mergelog utility that comes with pen.
> The man page states that the files to merge are specified in the
> 'server:logfile' format. I don't understand this format. Is the
> 'server:' part the name of the server that the logfile came from? Is
> this used to connect to the server and fetch the file automatically?

No, you have to transfer them manually.

> I'm struggling a little with the notation. I guess the main question
> would be: Is everything after the colon the name of the logfile that
> belongs to the server specified before the colon? For example:
> <server_this_log_came_from>:<path_to_the_logfile_for_that_server>. Can
> someone clarify this?

The logfile from pen looks something like this:

8<--- 1010753621 GET /pw/pw+plugin.gif HTTP/1.0 1010753642 GET /latest-src/pw/menu.scm HTTP/1.0 1010753650 GET /siag/fileformats.html HTTP/1.1 1010753660 GET /pw/index.html HTTP/1.0

The third field from the left is the server that was used. So let's say
the log file from the server is called access_log-siag and the
one from is called access_log-alphabob. Then the command line to
mergelogs would be something like

mergelogs -t 3600

The 3600 is because siag and alphabob are in Sweden.

> Also, how does one specify the time for the -t option if you are behind
> UTC? I tried to use '-t -16000', but I was unable to get any logs to
> merge. Although that could be because of the first question that I
> asked.

What you tried is supposed to work. ;-)

You can use the -d flag to get some hints as to what mergelogs is trying
to do.


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