Re: Changing weight of hosts

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 21:48:04 CEST

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Eduard Tieseler wrote:

> Is it possible to change the weight of one web server without dropping all
> current connections?
> For example, I have 7 web servers in a farm with no connection limit, but
> for any reason I need to reduce the connection limit on a server to 100
> users. Can I do this without disconnecting the current users?

With pen <= 0.6.2, it was not possible to change a running process at all.

With the next release, it can be done like this (simplified):

pen -C localhost:2222 virtualhost:www \
        server0:www server1:www server2:www server3:www \
        server4:www server5:www server6:www

Now the control interface can be used to modify parameters:

penctl localhost:2222 server 1 max 100

I'll release 0.6.3 (which includes the penctl tool) in a few moments.
Please stand back. ;-)


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