Running Multiple Instance of Apache on One Server/Different Ports

From: Rob Keown (Keown@MACDIRECT.COM)
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 19:45:08 CEST

We have an application were we are using Apache 1.3X on FreeBSD Servers. We
are handling a large load of traffic (4-5 million page views a day). We have
two servers, each running 4 instances of Apache on different ports. Would
PEN be able to handle balancing to Apache running on different ports in the
same box (same IP, different ports)?
The reason for the separate instances is to get around the fixed number of
connections in 1.3X - we know we could probably run this on Apache 2 on
another *nix, but it is not stable on FreeBSD yet, and, well, this a mission
critical site and works really well.
We are currently using a commercial load balancer, but are looking at
whether Pen might allow us to build other clusters in the future. It would
be fun to see if could handle such a large load (averages around 35-40 Mbps
on a busy day). Obviously it would need so decent hardware to support this

Rob Keown
Director, Information Technology




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