How to Use mergelogs

From: Erwien Samantha Y (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 03:57:38 CEST

hello guys,

can you help me with mergelogs command?
i already try , but no result.

i have balancing my 3 web server using pen. But now i have work with
webserver statistics.

my webserver :

webA ---->
webB ---->
webC ---->

Pen server -----> :80

ps.all server time are synchronized. (GMT)

to produce a web logfile that i can use for my web statistics i have to
use mergelogs rite?

mergerlogs -p /www/logs/pen.log

and i got this error
"Can't open logfile 'access_log.26'

and i try to touch first access_log.26 ,
but no result at all in access_log.26 , 29 , 32

Hmmm .., there is anything that i left.
is there any how to using mergelogs ??

i just read man mergelogs, but not help much.


erwien sy

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