pen question - failover works fine IF i shutdown apache, but not if the machine goes down hard

From: Neil Mooney (
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 10:32:05 CEST

Hello All

I am a new user to pen , but its seems to do almost everything i need
straight away , i have a few questions about its behaviour tho.

My setup is :

lxncontrol001 = ( pen , dns ) pen is started with : pen
lxnode001 = ( apache )
lxnode002 = ( apache )
win2k001 = ( windows , internet explorer , using dns from
lxcontrol001 , never use cache option with ie)

I achieve fail over just fine if i shutdown apache cleanly , however if
i just switch off one of the lxnode machines , the clients webrowser
just waits around.
It does sort its self out after a while, but it takes a long time , pen
seems reluctant to pass the request on to another machine , i understand
pens desire to send the client to the same server where possible.
Even if i reboot the windows machine and try the page again , it can
still hang around for a while looking for the dead server.

Why is this so, if i stop apache and then reboot i get no hang.
Obviously if a machine is going to fail , i cannot predict wether apache
will be shutdown cleanly.

Also as a side note , pen does not seem to honour its ( default ? ) 5
sec timeout.

Are there any options i can give pen to help here ? , i did try
experimenting with -t and -b options , but with no luck.

Any informations greatfully recived :)



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