Re: Logging Problem in 0.9.5

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 00:11:43 CEST

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Georg Bischof wrote:

> I have problems with the logging in pen-0.9.5
> The logfile freezes from time to time and i didn't
> get all the entries i find in the apache logfiles.

Are you sure that it freezes? The output is buffered and get written in
bursts. You can send pen a HUP signal to make it close and reopen the

> A second problem, the statusfile is not written:
> pen -dd -a -p /var/log/pen/ -w /var/log/pen/status.html -l
> /var/log/pen/pen.log

In this case, the USR1 signal is used to make pen write the status file.

> the file exsists and is writable...
> despite the -dd option I find no suitable information in the syslog :-(

You can use -ddf to get the output on stderr rather than in the syslog.


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