mergelogs from 30,000 feet up.

From: Darek Milewski (
Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 23:32:46 CET

Hey guys, I am a bit unclear on the functionality of mergelogs. Can
someone provide a general explanation of the concept?

From the man page, I believe that one has to scp each web server's
access logs to the load balancer, then process those logs? But I don't
believe this is what I am looking for.

What I need is to provide the web servers with the actual IP address of
the client in real time. The client for whom we are doing this uses some
kind of processing tool on Windows which relies on live webserver logs.
And FTPing or SCPin the merged logs over has already been ruled out as a
possible solution.

So in short, I am looking to make Pen an invisible loadbalancer, passing
the remote IP to the webserver. Is that possible?

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