cannot get penlogd to work with pen

From: Charlie Reitsma (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 13:43:05 CEST

I installed the 0.10.1 update and started penlogd with the line:
penlogd -l access_log -p -u pen 9010
I started pen with the line:
pen -C 9000 -u pen -p -l imp1:9010 -w pen.html 80 imp2:80 imp3:80
imp4:80 charlie2:80 charlie3:80 charlie5:80
Finally, I started the 6 web servers.
I got an access_log of size 8,192 and then the penlogd died. I tried it again
without the "-u pen" and it died again. I reinstalled 0.10.0 and tried again but
it died. Each time it dumped core. I've saved one of the core files (40K
compressed) in case someone knows what to do with it.
I'm running pen and penlogd on Solaris 8. Each of the web servers is RedHat 7.2.
I am now running 0.10.1 with penlogd logging to access_log and pen logging to
pen.log. I expect I'll be able to use mergelog to complete the log process.

Charlie Reitsma
Systems Engineer

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