Re: HTTP Accelarator

From: Fernando Ibanez (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 18:08:12 CEST

Exploring further into caching web results ...

Answering to my own post, and understanding I'm a
much less than profient C programmer, how difficult would it
be to incorporate a web cache mechanism using mysql ala
jpcache in PEN?

Jpcache keeps a copy of a webpage into a mysql database
indexed by the page e-tag. When a request arrives
a single query to mysql occurs to get that page, if
there is a hit, no forward and page gets sent from cache,
otherwise forward normally, but cache returning page.

mysql keeps track of all indexing and storing we would
only need a module that:
* query for hit
* delete stale hits at predetermined time intervals
* insert new pages into cache
some conditional code on the main program:
* add code to look for page in cache
* add code to insert page in cache

I would be willing to give this a try...
with some guidance from some one familiar with
the code... I could certainly use it for my servers.


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