Pen 0.10.2 released

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 16:41:47 CEST

Changes from 0.10.1:

030820 A patch from Mikko Ruuska <> adds
        an exit command to pen's control port interface.

030820 Patch for pen.c by Andreas Wrede <>, fixing
        the following bugs:

        The message indicating a failed server is re-issued on every attempt,
        due to a inverted if-test.

        The attached patch issues the messages only the first time a server
        fails and it shows when we will retry the connection. It also
        suppresses multiple "Using emergency server" messages.

030820 #include <string.h> in penlog.c.

030820 Patch for penlogd.c by Branson Matheson <>:
          - pen sends two lines for every log.. penlogd only needs one
                to function.
          - added a -b ... unbuffer to the opts for penlogd so that you
                can actually see the lines as they come out.
          - changed one of the dubugs to so post processing of the input


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