RE: Pen webserver with multiple domains

From: Michiel van Es (
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 08:59:26 CEST

I tried the penlogd and the apahce conf so that al logfiles are parsed to
the penlogd host but still do I get the local Load Balncer ip-adress and not
the real ip-adress from the client!
How do I force round-robin btw?
I tried pen with the default settings for http: ./pen http host1:80 host2:80
and the request are only received at host1:80.
I want to make pen swicth between the requests and if 1 server failes, he
will do forced redudancy so that he passes all request on to the only
Can I also put the real headers/ip-adress in smtp?
I everyhting seems to come from the Load balancers' ip-adress but
I want to have the mailservers think it comes from the original sending
This for not garbling the maillog file and for open relay.

Kind regards,

Michiel van Es

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> On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Dave Borgeest wrote:
> > How does Pen perform when running a web server farm, with
> many low traffic
> > domains? We've got an application used to create websites,
> and will need to
> > host several thousand sites. The web servers will contain
> very little
> > content to sync, as most of it goes into the databases.
> >
> > Our hosting guys have suggested we use Pen, but expressed
> concern that Pen
> > was designed more for single high traffic sites, rather
> than many low
> > traffic sites.
> Pen never sees the Host: headers, so if it can handle the amount of
> traffic, it can handle the number of domains (because it
> doesn't handle
> them at all). The requests are passed unchanged to the
> backend servers.
> Ulric

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