Penlogd not responding to TERM and HUP signals

From: Diego Francisco de Gastal Morales (
Date: Fri Oct 10 2003 - 21:51:41 CEST

The man page for penlogd says it will flush to the logfile if I kill -HUP it (or -TERM and then exit). But that's not happening for me. It does not write the log, nor exit.

It does respond to kill -9, but then (as expected) it does not write the logfile.
It's a Freebsd 5.1 machine, pen 0.11.0. But the same occurs on my linux machine.

Is it a known bug?

By the way, nice software. Simple and powerfull things are really beatiful.


Diego Francisco de Gastal Morales

Equipe de Rede Depto. de Informática Tribunal de Justiça do RS

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