-T option

From: Charlie Reitsma (reitsmac@denison.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 12:40:37 CEST

Quoting Ulric Eriksson <ulric@siag.nu>:

> Clients can be expired after a specified time from the last connection, so
> that the load balancing algorith no longer tries to keep sending them to
> the same server. This time can be set through the -T command line option
> or the "tracking" penctl command. As usual, any penctl command can also be
> used in a configuration file.
> The default tracking time is 0, which means "track forever", not "expire
> immediately". That makes default behaviour the same as before.
I set up the new pen with
pen -C 9000 -T 11000 -w pen.html pen1:80 imp2:80 imp3:80 imp4:80
when I look at
penctl localhost:9000 status
the "Active Client" list shows 1850 names with many aged more than 11000 seconds
How can I tell that the "-T timeout" tracking is working?

Charlie Reitsma
Systems Engineer

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