Max Number of open connections

From: Michael Kagerbauer (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 04:18:30 CET



thank you for your help in the previous topic, pen is running now on our
servers :-)


There's only one thing I like to ask:

The default value for "Max number of simultaneous connections" is 256. I
know that I can give pen annother value by command line and by compiling it
with the option --with-fd_setsize=N.


My problem:

Debian Linux ignores the values, the highest value possible is 507. If I try
to start pen with e.g. -x 1024, the daemon will not be loaded and gives the
following message in syslog:


cluster pen: Number of simultaneous connections to large. Maximum is 507, or
re-build pen with larger FD_SETSIZE


You wrote in the INSTALL-File:


"The select() used by Linux is broken in this respect, and doesn't

allow FD_SETSIZE to be changed from the default. The solution will be to

use poll() instead, when that code is finished."


Does that mean that I'll have to use poll() in my case? If so, when will it
be available?





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