Pen 0.12.3 released

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Sun Apr 04 2004 - 00:34:15 CEST

This release has a bugfix from Andreas Wrede: Under certain circumstances,
running Pen with the -H option could cause parts of POST requests to be
dropped. See the ChangeLog for the full details.

Another change concerns signal handling. Some people have reported
problems with long timeouts when the load balancer tries to connect to
servers that don't exist (as opposed to refusing connection). Something

        pen localhost:2424
        telnet localhost 2424

would hang for a long time. There is a scheduled alarm which interrupts
the connect() if it isn't done within (by default) five seconds. That
works under Solaris but not Linux.

0.12.3 uses sigaction rather than signal to set up the call, which allows
us to not have connect() restarted. Then it works under Linux as well.

If the five second timeout is too little or too much, it can be changed
with the -t command line option or the "timeout" penctl command.


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