Re: pen dies with "Error opening socket"

From: Chris Elsworth <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 11:25:38 +0000

On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 11:39:24AM +0100, Dennis Thomas wrote:
> seems like rasing maxusers did the trick. Last but not least i tried to
> apply your patch:
> A make fails with the following output:
> pen.c:2672: warning: implicit declaration of function `mainloop_kqueue'
> gcc -Wall -g -O2 -o pen pen.o
> pen.o(.text+0x4891): In function `main':
> /usr/src/pen-0.16.0/pen.c:2672: undefined reference to `mainloop_kqueue'
> *** Error code 1


Ah, crap - I appear to have completely mucked up the patch and it was
inserting the new code in the wrong place.

Try this instead:

Not sure how that happened, maybe I diff'ed against 0.15.0 accidentally.

I also noticed that commandline option K is already used with SSL
enabled so I changed it to -Q.

CC'ed to list since this patch supercedes old one.

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